I can’t say I will do a lot of product reviews–or even any–but when I find a product I love, I have to share. Lots of people ask what I paint most of my work on. They see the dimension, but because I cover the sides with paint and ephemera, and because the size is thicker than most canvas stretchers, they want to know what it is.

The surface is called a cradled painting panel, and is available on Amazon. I get these at Dick Blick too, though I usually travel into the city to look and decide. Of course they’re available online, but when you have the option of going into the city, grabbing a latte, looking at everything walking around in the city, it’s a whole lot more fun. Still, you can’t always go get what you want, and there are lots of great deals online, so Amazon or Dick Blick are great options.

What I like about the cradled painting panels:
– Unlike canvas (which is fine for other art), you can paste ephemera, attach found objects and really work paint on these panels, without stretching anything.
– You can also nail or screw into it, depending on your intentions
– You don’t need to frame it, though the thicker depth is better for this than the thinnest 7/8″ depth.
– The wood panels are extremely smooth and the joints are tight, making for a nice, sharp shape and no texture behind your work
– They are sturdier than paper or canvas
– They just look cool

So, if you’re undecided, get just one of these boards, or, get a sketchbook. You have to have something to draw on!


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