Ok I have no affiliation with WordPress, but I have to say, WOW! What an amazing way to make a web site. Before WordPress, I was learning to code my own site in a WYSIWYG. Now, WYSIWYGs can be pretty amazing, especially when you have YouTube and Linda.com from which to learn. But with all that coding, I couldn’t get to the things I wanted to do: searching antique, coin and thrift stores to find ephemera to use in my art, putting time into the studio to make art, and actually taking time to work on concepts. I am not a coder, though I do believe they are worth their weight in gold!

Enter Elegant Themes; the ‘skins’ (oh, they are so much more) and technical support based in WordPress. I haven’t even touched on all of the things I can do on my site through these amazing WP vehicles. I needed a way to sell my original and printed art in a streamlined way. WP did it. And on top of it, their IT support and beautiful look to the site really boosted my business to the next tier. So, while I will probably submit this article to their ‘reviews’ section, I also felt it necessary to write it for those artists out there. Those creative people who would rather stab themselves in the temple than think about making a site that is interactive, intuitive and just downright cool for their customers.

Going forward, my posts will be less technical in nature, but for now, I had to post about the easy and fun vehicle called WordPress, which has changed my business experience for the better.

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