One thing I hate is when one day seems like the next. I do love when something during the day surprises me. A check in the mail. Meeting a cool new person. Or, in today’s case, a trip down to the morgue to do a facial reconstruction. That said, I go to the other end of the spectrum: I get a little angst-y at the thought of having to do something out of the ordinary–such as traveling into the city to smell death and reconstruct a face from a skull–and I kind of want to just go play at the gym or in my studio. But then, I actually get to my destination; whatever that anomaly is during my day, and things change.

So I got to the morgue and when I walked in, I had a big smile on my face, all of a sudden. I was about to do one of my passions: using my art to identify the dead. My point is that while I didn’t ‘feel like’ doing–blank–(in this case, a reconstruction), I did the motions to get there, and the good feelings of doing something I love, of accomplishment and of adventure took over.

This same thing happens with the gym. I hate going to the gym. Hate it. I’d rather just go sit somewhere and stare at something and think, or draw, or go hang with my friends. But I do a ‘shift’ in my mind, tell my body to get over it and just do it (good campaign, NIke) and before i know it, the pain is over: I’m at my destination and onto doing something good.

Ok, enough of the existentialism. I’m not saying I’m always perfect at taking that first step of ‘going’ or ‘doing’. Sometimes Staring Christine takes over, and I stare at Facebook, stare at tv, or at the insides of my eyelids. Hey, I’m not perfect. But I’m looking forward to making this ‘just do it’ habit more of a–habit. Because after that first step, cool things happen…even unplanned things.

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