2016-10-24-18-47-49 2016-10-24-18-48-33Many years ago (I won’t tell you how many), my college roommate and I put our heads together after expressing a mutual interest in making art outside of our everyday careers. She was a graphic designer and I, still an illustrator, dreamed of painting on furniture. We made notes and did sketches on themes and styles of the time and plans for a big, beautiful business painting furniture.

Well, we both got busy, we never had the kind of room one needs to do furniture painting, and I think we never got to the ‘selling/marketing’ part of it. Like many dreams, it fell by the wayside in lieu of ‘real’ work. I continued to do illustration, and even gravitated to graphic design, learning new software and keeping up with the technological times. The last I heard, she had moved out of state.

Isn’t that what happens with a lot of dreams? I don’t know about you, but many times I think like a married man with kids: ‘I would like to do this dream, but can’t see the money in it, so I’ll keep (fill in the vocational blank) so I can support my family’. Well, I’m not married and I don’t have kids, but all around me I see people with much more to risk, who do the craziest dreams, and somehow, it all works out. The bills get paid, it’s tons more work than a 9-5, but they are happy doing what they love. But before I get too far onto a rabbit trail, back to the original thought:

I want to change canvases and paint on furniture. Being an illustrator, and collage artist, I have a few fresh ideas for one-of-a-kind pieces that would grace any home, studio or workplace. The great thing is, as I look around me, the dream is all around me. I already have space, access to a woodshop, a professional woodworker (i.e. Dad!) and am back in the north, where there is actually wood furniture (when I lived in Florida, wood furniture was not as plentiful). I’m sitting in the middle of what I want to do, so now it’s time to do it!

Is there a dream you’ve been wanting to do, but have not pursued? If so, why not?

P.S., The furniture above are my first two pieces, unpainted, and ready to go! I’ll post the finished painted treasures when they’re finished.

Have a blessed day!


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