People love stories. So do I. That’s why I make art. The ephemera I use: bits from vintage newspaper and old journals, papers from foreign country and currencies, I have rescued from antique shops, traveling friends and coin dealers. I also use found objects like jewelry parts, stones, watch and radio parts and bits that people would have otherwise thrown away, to embellish my pieces, which have one or more characters in them. Nothing is too small. Most things are recyclable.

My work is a small example of a greater truth: nothing is wasted in life. Not experiences. Not heartache. Not times of rest or inaction. And no person, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, is, well, insignificant. Everyone has value and a purpose.

Just go with it.

Days can bring unplanned things. Today, my investigator at the morgue didn’t have the mandible–the jaw part of the skull I needed to reconstruct–ready for me to work on. I need the maxilla (the main part of the skull, from top of the head to top...

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A List of Art Jobs

When I was in school, I thought the only artist job out there was that of an architect. In art school I found out how wrong I was. Going on in time, as technology has matured, new art jobs have come up. There are also new ways of selling your art. Here is a list of...

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